Puni Puni Sushi - Tamago

$39.00 SGD

Puni Puni Sushi is Operation Overhaul's first plushie project and was funded with Kickstarter. The collection features 4 super squishy and huggable plushies with your favourite sushi designs. Each plushie is made from a super soft minky fabric and designed to be large enough to double up as pillows/cushions.

Choose from Onigiri, Salmon, Tamago or Ikura!

The black band is removable and separates from its rice and egg counterparts.

Size: 38cm (l) x 20cm (w) x 28cm (h)

Actual Weight: 500g

Materials: Ultrasoft minky fabric, PP cotton

To find out more about Puni Puni Sushi, read our FAQ.