Hexagon Bead Necklace in Sophia

$32.00 SGD

Our signature colour hexagon necklaces are no longer just available at our popups! Choose from 6 different colourways to find one that best suits your dressing and personality. All necklaces consists of 5 coloured wooden beads on a natural tanned leather cord. The necklace is adjustable and can be worn at varying lengths to achieve different looks. 

Prefer a different combination or saw a colourway you liked on instagram or at our popups? Email us at hello(at) to request for your own!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will the colour on the beads transfer onto my clothes, especially if I'm wearing white?

Nope! The colour on the beads are water resistant and will not transfer onto fabrics.

2. Will the string snap or will the colour change?

The cords used in this necklace are all made from genuine leather and are of the natural tan variant. After time, we've noticed that the cords gradually developed a darker, and glossier patina due to the characteristic of leather reacting to our body's natural oils and sweat. However, this does not affect the integrity of the necklace at all and will not snap easily. 

3. Are these all the colours available?

There are six standard colourways which are listed on our online store. You will be able to find other (mostly) one-off and spontaneous colourways during our pop-up events. Alternatively, if you see a color you like on our social media or on someone else, send us a photo and we can customise one just for you!