What is Puni Puni Sushi? Weren't you guys on Kickstarter? Answering all of your questions in this FAQ! 


Q. What does Puni Puni mean? 

ぷにぷに translates to squishy squishy from Japanese and is used to describe our super fluffy plushies! 

Q. Weren't you guys on Kickstarter? 

Yes! Our campaign was live from 26 July to 25 August 2017 and was over 240% funded thanks to all our backers! 

Q. Where can I view this Kickstarter campaign?

You'll be able to see the fully funded campaign over here.

Q. I'm a backer from Kickstarter. Why are you offering a pre-order I haven't received my plushie?

Thank you for your support! We have opened up pre-orders while waiting for our first batch of stock to reach us. You will notice that prices are not as low as they were on Kickstarter, but still at a discount compared to retail. Kickstarter orders will definitely be fulfilled first, in order.

Q. Who will receive the plushies first? Pre-order or Kickstarter?

Kickstarter backers will receive their plushies first, followed by the pre-orders, and all will be settled before it finally hits retail/ sold on our site. 

Q. When will I receive my plushies?

Kickstarter backers are slanted to receive their plushies in October, and those who ordered via pre-order will receive their plushies in November. We will try our best to expedite and ship your plushies to you as soon as possible! 

 Q. How do I care for my plushies? There's a lot of white on them, am i able to wash them?

We understand your concerns! The inside of the plushie is filled with pp cotton and the plush is washable. We recommend washing it by hand, or putting it in a laundry net and washing it on gentle cycle. Hang it out to airdry and do not put in dryer.